Our Purpose

Reducing waste

Hi, I’m Kerrie the founder of Holevida. Our purpose is to reduce waste and to help people create life-changing habits one day at a time. Education is important.

The next time you go to buy a bottle of water, stop and think about the waste you’re generating. Remember that reusable bottle you probably already have at home… we are privileged to have clean and filtered tap water at our disposal, let’s use it!

Purchasing decisions in our house and business are designed around limiting waste, reusing and refilling where possible. We also participate in regular cleanups at the local beach we are fortunate to have so close by.

Kerrie owner of Holevida

Making small sustainable changes

Holevida was born from wanting to create change, not only in our household but to also help other families make positive steps towards living a more eco-friendly, lifestyle. As a mother I totally understand that it feels too hard to even contemplate making changes at times.

We are not perfect and still have a lot to improve on with regards to reducing the waste we generate. However, what I have learnt over the last few years is that if you try and do everything at once, it can feel overwhelming. So I like to choose one thing to focus on at a time, one habit to change, come to grips with that and then move onto the next challenge. I invite you to do the same. Choose one thing today that you can work towards changing or implementing in your family

eco-friendly parenting on the beach with a sunset and golden water

Giving back

For every purchase you make, we help to give families around the world better access to life-saving clean water. 

In many Western countries it feels normal to have unlimited access to water. We believe that everyone should have this privilege as a basic human need. Sadly, this is not the reality for many who live in developing countries. Statistics show that 2.1 billion people worldwide live without clean drinking water. This leaves woman and children with no choice but to walk miles every day to collect fresh water. That’s why we’ve partnered with B1G1 (a global business giving initiative) to help us achieve our goals.

As of 2020, over the past 3 years, 217 wells have been constructed in Malawi and Zambia for local communities thanks to customers and the efforts of B1G1.


Ladies in Malawi, Africa - B1G1

Why we started Holevida

In 2015 we took our two daughters away for a year, then aged 5 and 2, to Colombia.

We spent a few days on an island just off the Pacific Coast. On the hunt for a famously secluded beach, we were walking through the tropical jungle feeling very, very lucky to be able to share this small corner of the world with our girls. As the clearing ahead opened up we caught sight of little hermit crabs scuttling around, the waves crashing onto the sand and the coconut palms swaying overhead. There’s not another word for it – it was breathtaking.

But as we walked down onto the sand we were confronted with piles of rubbish; so many plastic bottles spread along the sand.  The plastic was everywhere. On an aesthetic level it was spoiling the true beauty of what was in front of us, but more than that, it felt devastating.

It was then that I questioned what kind of an impact we were, and are still having, on our planet, our oceans, our marine life. Where was all of this rubbish coming from?

At that point, I didn’t feel that I could do anything to make a real difference. I was always someone who thought about how nice it would be to instigate change, but didn’t really believe it was possible that one person could do anything about it.

But this felt too big to ignore, so Holevida was born.

beach rubbish