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Bring in the new year with a different outlook on those veggie and fruit scraps and start a home composting project. You’ll soon realise how much waste you can divert from landfill.

Fact : Did you know that according to the 2016-2017 National Waste Report, 6.7 million tonnes of organic waste ended up in landfill in Australia alone? Check out this link to find out more important facts about what happens to organic material when it ends up in landfill. 

Benefits of Composting

–       Reduces landfill

–       Adds nutrients and organisms to your soil to help your plants and veggies grow.

–       Reduces the need for store bought fertilisers.

Compost Bins

There are various different types of bins that cater for even those of you who may have minimal space. Check out this link for some of the various types and sizes on offer.

Starting a Compost Bin

–       Purchase a bin of your choice

–       Find a suitable place in your garden for it. My advice would be to place it somewhere with good access, where you don’t mind walking to empty it regularly.

–       Start collecting those veggie scraps. I line our kitchen caddy with a brown paper bag. You can also use a bowl with a plate over the top for collecting scraps. If you’re emptying it on a daily basis, it won’t need to be covered.

–       When you have a layer of veggie scraps (green waste) in your compost bin, create another layer with some brown paper, newspaper, leaves or grass clippings (brown waste) and mix every few days. It is suggested that a 2:1 ratio of green waste to brown is ideal.

Composting still sounds too hard?

If you’re still not convinced speak to your local council. Many councils now offer a green kerbside waste bin where you can empty garden waste as well as any food waste. This is a great alternative, reducing waste destined for landfill and also helping to create compost for local farmers.

You can also check out Sharewaste and see if there are any locals in your area who are asking for your compost!

Please feel free to share any stories or ask any questions.  I’m no expert composter, but I have been composting for some time now. I love the feeling of adding beautiful nutrients to our soil prior to planting veggies and of course knowing that we are reducing unnecessary waste going to landfill. 

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