4 Pack - Soft Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush


$22.95 available on subscription


Replace your plastic toothbrush with these biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes.
It’s the perfect swap to start your journey to reduce your consumption of plastic.

  • Includes 4 Adults sized Bamboo Toothbrushes – choose your colour mix
  • Recommended for adults and children 8+
  • Handle made from 100% bamboo which is biodegradable
  • Soft nylon bristles
  • Tear drop feature to identify between different family members
  • Rounded handle for comfort
  • Non toxic and BPA free
  • Replace every 2-3 months



Additional information

Colour variation

4 Green, 4 Blue, Mixed – 2 green + 2 Blue

Usage Directions

At the end of life:

  • Shave off or pull out bristles and dispose of these in your regular waste.
  • The bamboo handle can be placed in the home compost or buried in the garden.

Other uses

  • Use in your veggie garden as label markers when planting veggies or as a marker to see how much your plant is growing each week.
  • Use as puppet sticks to create a play story with the kids.
  • Be creative with the kids and start a craft project – would love you to share what you come up with!
  • Bury it in the garden and dig up every few months to see the process of it biodegrading, don’t forget to mark it out with another bamboo stick so you don’t lose the spot!


Handle – 100% biodegradable bamboo
Bristle – Nylon

Eco & social Impact

Imagine if everyone on the planet swapped their plastic toothbrush for a biodegradable one……..now that would be powerful! Small changes by many is all it takes to make a difference!

Every time you buy a toothbrush from us, you provide a child or family with life saving clean water or sanitation somewhere in the world. We want you to be proud of your purchase in more than one way.

The Maker

Holevida was born from wanting to create positive environmental change by encouraging people to create life-changing habits. We chose bamboo toothbrushes for our first product because we feel it is a simple change that can be made, saving billions of plastic toothbrushes going to landfill each year. Bamboo is not only biodegradable but is a renewable natural resource due to it being one of the fastest growing plants in the world.


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