Plastic Free July Inspiration


PLASTIC FREE JULY – Keep on going!

We are heading towards the end of Plastic Free July  but that doesn’t mean that we stop making progress! Instead, continue to build upon the changes you have made during Plastic Free July and make 2020 a year for making better choices. 

Remember that slow changes are the ones we can make into habits and that are sustainable long term, so my motto is slow and steady so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Below I share some of the easiest changes I made at the beginning of my journey to less waste.

Reusables you should never leave home without

Water Bottle – One of the simplest and easiest changes to make with a big impact! 

Shopping Bags – Our bags live in our car and as soon as we’ve unpacked our shopping they go straight back in, unless they’re due for a wash! I also keep one small compact bag in my handbag for those times you make an unexpected stop at the shops.

Produce Bags – I keep mine in my handbag or with my grocery bags so that I always have them on me. We love our Onya produce bags.

Reusable Coffee Cup – there are many cafes still accepting these even during Covid-19, so check which cafes are accepting in your local area. If you’re unable to use your reusable cup then remember to hold onto your single use one and recycle it at a 7 eleven near you. 

3 Simple Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

Plastic Free Deodorant – This is one of the simplest changes to make and best of all it’s free from any chemicals and usually comes in an aluminium tin which can be upcycled or recycled.

Bamboo Toothbrush – A simple change that if we all made we could save billions of plastic toothbrushes from going to landfill. The bamboo handle is fully biodegradable, leaving only the nylon bristles to go in the bin. 

Shampoo Bar – Essentially a bar of soap that you use for your hair, no chemicals, lathers well, with no plastic packaging left behind! This is one of the easiest swaps for men so guys get on board the sustainable train! It’s my hubbies favourite! Ladies, if you’re unsure check out this blog for tips on making the transition to a natural shampoo bar easier. I have thick hair so for me an apple cider vinegar rinse in something I definitely benefit from, I would never go back to normal shampoo now that I’ve made the swap.

Share one change you’ve made this month that you’re the most proud of below in the comments section, I would love to hear your wins. Don’t forget to start making your sustainability goals for August now!

Take care and stay safe 


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