First steps to a toxin-free bathroom

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My two daughters, now aged 7 and 11, were my biggest motivators behind making the swap to a more sustainable, toxin-free lifestyle. I knew I might be unable to control what we’re exposed to in our everyday environment outside of the home, but I can control what we put on our skin and what we are exposed to inside our home. So the journey began …

Where did I start?

Making the swap can be overwhelming, so to reduce that I decided to focus on three key products used in our everyday life – deodorant, body wash and hand wash. I initially tried my hand in creating some homemade products, but as a working mum, it was an unsustainable hobby to upkeep! Luckily there are so many beautiful and talented humans in Melbourne doing the hard work for us and creating sustainable, toxin-free products that I trusted.

3 easy toxin-free bathroom swaps

Natural deodorant by Wildbelle is my personal fave and one that we offer here at Holevida (because we love supporting small business)!

I have put it through its paces over the past two years and its never let me down. Now that my eldest daughter is at the age where she needs to start using something under those little arms of hers, I’ve put her onto the sensitive bicarb-free selection by Wildbelle. It relieving to know she is using something completely natural and free from toxins.

Natural soap by The Australian Natural Soap Company replaced our body wash. No toxins and plastic free packaging was a double win in my eyes. I love the Pink Clay soap which we keep in the shower as a body wash. It also makes a beautiful facial cleanser at night – bonus!

Hand wash was a super easy swap. I buy plain castille soap from the bulk food store and follow this recipe. We have saved so many handwash dispenser bottles from going to waste. You can buy the foam soap dispenser here from another beautiful Melbourne based biz making natural beauty and cleaning products.


DIY Natural Hairspray

In case you feel motivated on the DIY front, here’s a nice easy recipe for natural hairspray that even I can do. Personally, I don’t add the alcohol and it still works a treat!

My best tip for a toxin-free bathroom is to take it one step and one product at a time. When something runs out, start looking for a natural, more environmentally friendly alternative. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to less plastic and toxins in your bathroom.

I’d love to know what your journey is like at the moment, the changes you have made or the challenges you’re facing.


Together we can inspire each other and those around us to make a difference.


Take care,


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